The healing energy of the seven chakra stones comes to us through time. Now, we feel the priviledge to facilitate and fulfill your energy workings. May you receive the special blessings of the seven chakra stones.  If your looking to regenerate and build your yoga practice take a yoga holiday.

Many practitioners combine the benefits of energy work with that of natural healing and wellness. We find that a lot of our customers practice Reiki and other modalities of massage therapy.  For professional grade massage supplies or even a massage table we can recommend for their knowledge and years of experience in the massage industry and suggest you visit them today.

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For your convenience, we've included a list of every brand we carry. If your name isn't on this list and it should be, please contact our product specialist by calling us at (800) 290-3932.

Anatomical Chart CompanyAnatomical Chart Company

The Anatomical Chart Company, a division of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins and part of WoltersKluwer Health, is the premiere provider of high-quality anatomical charts and related products for the human and veterinary health markets. In addition to charts, books, and models created for medical, legal, educational, research, and health care professionals, the company provides a wide variety of custom anatomical information products through its in-house graphics and medical illustration studio.



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At Peace MediaAt Peace Media

Specializing in relaxation CDs, this company is the premier source for massage therapy-related CDs. Unlike many "relaxing" cds, whose songs seem to eb and flow with energy, these CDs are universally relaxing and consistently popular.




Bazaar of IndiaBazaar of India

Since 1971, Bazaar of India has been the leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality herbal products based on India's unparalleled system of alternative medicine, Ayurveda. We are proud to say that we are one of the largest, most trusted companies in the USA that offers organically grown, safety-tested Ayurvedic herbs & supplements.



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Deeper TouchDeeper Touch

Massage therapists often suffer painful hand injuries due to the physical intensity of their profession, Randy Beaty and Sharon Hilst are no exception. Determined to find a way to work through their injuries the concept for EarthStone Massage Tools was conceived. Their objective was to create a set of effective and versatile massage tools that require minimal instruction. The result was a set of ceramic massage tools that while being used relieved painful stress from the hand and thumb. These tools allow the therapist to provide an effective massage using just half the physical effort normally required.

Energy MuseEnergy Muse

Energy Muse offers several collections of jewelry for both men and women. Among our rich array of activated jewelry, there is something for everyone. The only prerequisite is intention. The wearer must listen to the stones. People who gravitate to Energy Muse jewelry are attracted not only to the beauty of one piece but more importantly to the purpose and power of the gemstones currently needed at that particular point and time in the wearer's life.


Fingerprintz is the business venture of Shoona Cook, a Registered Massage Therapist who graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 1989. Shoona founded Fingerprintz in April of 1999 to bring beautiful and relevant art to massage and other touch therapists, in order to help them create a positive body-focused atmosphere in their practice.

Hinkler BooksHinkler Books

Hinkler Books was established in 1994 with a focused aim to produce Quality products affordable to every family.

Institute for Therapeutic MassageInstitute for Therapeutic Massage

Our goal is to ensure that Institute for Therapeutic Massage
graduates exceed the expectations of the massage, bodywork, and
wellness community as competent, qualified, and ethical professionals.

Massage GardenMassage Garden

Rebecca Maxcy, LMP founded The Massage Garden in 2001. Her background was in graphic design until she made a career change in 1993 and graduated from Brenneke School of Massage in Seattle, Washington. After graduation, she opened and ran a successful massage clinic from 1994 - 2000 whereupon she sold her practice and began The Massage Garden. The conception and development of The Massage Garden is the marriage of both her artistic talents and her massage wisdom. The business was formed when she had what she likes to refer to as an "Aha moment of realization" where intuition spoke to her and led her in the direction of helping other massage therapists run successful massage practices.


MassageKing steps in when other manufacturers aren't able to provide the quality or discounts our customers need.

Moisture JamzzMoisture Jamzz

The beauty industry was in need of an updated, upgraded & modernized version of the age old beauty secret: cotton gloves. Wearing white cotton gloves over your moisturizer to help soften hands was boring until Moisture Jamzz® came along. Now moisturizing is fun and fashionable. Now, you too can have the finest hydrating gloves/socks that have been a top selling accessory in the country's finest spas and resorts for almost 10 years. After several years of success in the marketplace with gloves, requests were pouring in for socks. Now, Moisture Jamzz® offers an entire line of gloves, socks, creams, lotions, oils and the most recent addition, Reflex-Ahh-logy™ Socks. So, have some fun while you moisturize. Relax, take time out to pamper yourself, or give someone special the gift of Moisture Jamzz®. Enjoy!


Q-puncture, Inc. is a leading developer and supplier of high quality educational software for acupuncture and oriental medicine. We develop educational software not only to teach acupuncture, but also to emphasize and increase the understanding of oriental medicine by the western culture. Our core product, "Qpuncture - Tao of Medicine," is a self-study/reference guide CD-Rom containing principles of both oriental and western medicines, and 3D animations of acupoints and needling methods as well as 3D illustrations of flow in channels.

Real BodyworkReal Bodywork

Founded by Sean Real, who is responsible for many of the videos available from this company, Real Bodywork is dedicated to bringing high quality massage videos to health care practitioners. Our intention is to share this great information with as many people as possible.


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