The healing energy of the seven chakra stones comes to us through time. Now, we feel the priviledge to facilitate and fulfill your energy workings. May you receive the special blessings of the seven chakra stones.  If your looking to regenerate and build your yoga practice take a yoga holiday.

Many practitioners combine the benefits of energy work with that of natural healing and wellness. We find that a lot of our customers practice Reiki and other modalities of massage therapy.  For professional grade massage supplies or even a massage table we can recommend for their knowledge and years of experience in the massage industry and suggest you visit them today.


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Energy Muse Balance Pendant Necklace
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Energy Muse Balance Pendant Necklace

Apatite is known to suppress hunger while increasing metabolism, thereby encouraging a free flow of energy throughout the physical body. This peaceful gemstone also supports self-love, which is the starting point of all willpower. Amethyst is the stone of contentment. Once brought into your energy field, this stone cleanses the aura and attracts new positive energy. The Quartz Quan Yin pendant carries the Divine Mother energy; she is represented as The Virgin Mary in Christianity and the Goddess of Mercy in Buddhism. Her energy is compassion and she can be called upon when you desire divine guidance.

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